GFA Church Staffing Mission

The mission of GFA Church Staffing is to be your trusted source for assistance in connecting like-minded churches and candidates in their pursuit of filling open pastoral staff positions.

GFA believes that we must be strong at home to be strong abroad. By God’s grace, we desire to do all within our power and means to strengthen North American churches. Therefore, GFA encourages and strengthens USA churches through church planting, church staffing, church revitalization and consultation. We believe that there are thousands of like-minded American churches and preachers who share our essential biblical and historical convictions. We serve conservative independent churches primarily of a Baptistic persuasion.

Who Are We?

We are a team of experienced Christian servants who are eager to assist churches
and candidates by providing a crossroad of contacts for one another.

GFA Church Staffing is a ministry of Gospel Fellowship Association, which is an international mission agency based in Greenville, South Carolina, with missionaries serving in 36 nations. GFA is focused on fulfilling the Great Commission through passionate evangelism, intentional discipleship, establishing indigenous churches, and training national leadership. Visit for an overall view of GFA’s ministry.


We help qualified candidates find openings in pastoral staff positions through this website platform and its communication tools as well as through personal conversation.


We help qualified churches find prospective candidate for pastoral staff openings through this website platform and its communication tools as well as through personal conversation.

Dr. Bruce McAllister, Director of Ministry Relations
Bruce oversees the GFA church staffing program and facilitates GFA church planters. He would be glad to advise candidates and churches in their search process. With over 30 years of experience, he is well-acquainted with many churches and ministries. He has invested his entire career in training men for the ministry. Read more about GFA Ministry Relations here. You may reach him by email or at 864.609.5500 ext. 3227.

Dr. Marshall Fant, Director of Church Consulting and Revitalization
Marsh oversees GFA’s efforts to assist churches in their quest for revitalization and leads the GFA interim pastor program. God has uniquely prepared him for his ministry through the combination of two decades of business experience followed by 20+ years as a pastor and church planter. He is certified and well-qualified to help churches with finances, growth strategies, and strategic planning. Marsh and his wife, Gretchen, also serve as biblical counselors and conference speakers. Sometimes churches benefit from an outside voice to help them understand their own needs in preparation for their pastoral search. Marsh can provide a provide an in-depth assessment of your church through an onsite visit. You may reach him by email or at 864.609.5500. 

Bruce and Marsh work closely together to serve the needs of North American churches. Both men are willing to travel to your church as their schedules allow, meet with your leadership, and encourage your church through preaching and teaching.