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Pastoral Staff Positions

Senior PastorA senior pastor is the lead pastor of the church who shepherds the congregation through exemplary living, regular preaching and teaching, administrative oversight, and personal spiritual care.

Assistant Pastor* – An assistant pastor serves the pastor and church through a variety of responsibilities according to the needs of the church and the direction of the pastor.

Youth Pastor* – A youth pastor’s primary responsibilities are focused upon teenage young people but may also include children’s ministries and/or young adult ministries.

Music Director* – A music director (or music pastor) leads the church’s music program including directing the choir and other musical groups.  He usually leads the church’s congregational singing.

Church Planters – America needs sound, biblical churches in areas where there is no gospel-preaching church. Connecting groups of people who are endeavoring to form a new church with men who are interested in serving as church planters is a priority for GFA. 

Pastoral Interns Men who have completed their formal ministry education may be looking for a church in which they can be mentored for 6-12 months with a pastoral internship. Others may have been called to the ministry later in life and desire a short period of orientation prior to entering pastoral ministry. We want to connect these men to pastors who are eager to mentor men for ministry. 

Churches should consider having an interim pastor help them through the transition to a new pastor. An interim pastor fulfills pulpit responsibilities, provides pastoral care and church administration, and advises the membership about how to find a new pastor. 

GFA provides an interim pastor service through qualified retired ministry couples. Interested churches should contact Dr. Marsh Fant for more information at mfant@gfamissions.org or call him at 803.517.3701. Seasoned pastors and Christian leaders desiring to serve as interim pastors may also contact Dr. Fant.

*Candidates and churches may want to discuss combining ministry responsibilities. For example, a church may desire to have a youth/music pastor. If your church is interested in a combination position being filled, please indicate this on your church’s profile.

Agreement Statement

We require all participants in our church staffing program, both churches and candidates, to read and agree
to our terms of use prior to using our service. Completing the registration process indicates you agree. 


Click on the titles below for more information.

Before You Move: A Guide to Making Transitions in the Ministry, John Cionca
Particularly helpful for prospective candidates, though churches will also find it beneficial. Published by Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, 2004, now out of print but can be found online. This is a revised and expanded edition of the previously published title Red Light, Green Light: Discerning the Time for a Change in Ministry, 1994.

In Search of God’s Man: A Help for Pulpit Committees, Douglas E. Devore
142-page guide published in 2002 by Bob Jones University Press in Greenville, SC.

The Right Pastor: Seeking God’s Man for Your Church, Wesley E. Johnson
112-page workbook filled with helpful advice, charts, and sample forms. Published by Regular Baptist Press.

Search: The Pastoral Search Committee Handbook, William Vanderbloemen
This short book lays out the pastoral search process clearly and offers many helpful ideas. Nashville: B & H Publishing Group, 2016. 

Church Law and Tax Store
You will find helpful resources regarding church staff compensation, church finance and administration, and legal issues. 

RE: CHURCH episodes
RE: CHURCH is a GFA podcast to encourage pastors and church leaders as they refocus, renew, and revitalize their churches.

Helps for Churches and Candidates
You will find a variety of practical articles by Bruce McAllister to help you in your search for God’s will. (Helps can also be accessed through the link at the top of your screen.)

GFA Church Consulting
Churches in transition will profit from "outside eyes and ears" as they prepare for a new pastor. Read about this ministry here, and contact Dr. Marsh Fant for more information at mfant@gfamissions.org or 803.517.3701.

Resources for Churches and Church Planting
The website of Baptist Mid-Missions School of Church Planting has extensive helpful resources for independent Baptist churches.  Please note the article on church mergers near the bottom of the list (click here).  

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